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It's the only logical thing to do.

Right now Apple is my real target for boycott. I'm considering putting a sign on my vehicle that says something along the lines of "Stop the lawsuit abuse jihad - boycott Apple" complete with one of my many Apple stickers that came with my OS X disk.

Sony's a bunch of pricks, granted, but to properly boycott them for movie reasons I would probably have to boycott all MPAA movies. I've already not bought a PS3 or any Sony hardware outside of PS3 controls in years (their controls have the distinction of being about the only Bluetooth game controls available). Music and movies are about the only money I send their way. Face it they make some good movies. On the other hand they're remaking Total Recall and they're replacing Arnold with Colin Farrell - I think they built a new special chamber in hell to accommodate some people in charge of that decision.

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