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I've been thinking more about the Lucas Disney thing.
Several years ago, must have been about four or five, my daughter was really into Disney princesses, I guess she still is to a degree. She asked me which princess was my favorite, I cracked a grin and said "Leia". She didn't get it. I showed her Star Wars later.

I realized something when thinking about that. Disney is going to have to make a new "classic" cartoon with Leia as the princess. I don't know how I feel about this, the princess cartoons are genuinely among the best things Disney creates, and most of them are based on older stories. I don't see why they couldn't make one that could be either accepted or excluded from canon, but they'll have to play the valiant prince role very carefully. There can be a happy ending and "oops - he got blowed up with Alderaan" later on - probably not the best thing. Han Solo can already be part of the picture and she has to save him - I sort of like this idea - or he can save her - good chance of getting hokey.

What does everyone else think? I don't see how the whole princess movie thing can be avoided at this juncture, and face it, there's probably several dozen fan written scripts to chose from already.

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(Deleted comment)
If you'll recall that's a major part of how I wound up living in San Leon last time we met.

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