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Dear whatever website I chose to go to with my phone:
I do not want or need your viewing app. My phone has a regular Web browser just like my computer does. Please stop popping up and asking me to install your app, it reminds me of all of the shady practices related to Internet video circa 1996-1999.

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Where is the +1 button when you need it?

Absolutely annoying.

Here's the right idea - in beta code and not actually that great yet - for use on mobiles only:

Slashdot mobile. It's being tested and isn't prime-time yet (I can attest to the bugs) but it's designed to be a "mobile app" without being one - just code meant for phone use. If other sites were to take on this idea their mobile apps would become even MORE useless. Most of the social networking sites like Fark, Facebook and yes, even LJ here are quite useful on a mobile phone because they coded for it. In the case of Facebook I use an app (I've used one for LJ before), that sites complex enough to justify one with the pics and what have you. If I just want to read a crappy news article or read a technical answer someone put on a forum.

There's the +1 button, I can add that now....

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