pecosdave (pecosdave) wrote,

Sony sent me a new code for the Smurfs.

I still had to use Windows to do anything with it. For the download option it demands I install Silverlight, I don't think I will.

For the record this is what it looks like when I try to watch a Sony movie with a Linux box:

This is what a Universal movie looks like when I decide to watch it:

Just in case you're unfamiliar with this site and coming in via search engine here's my account from yesterday dealing with Sony and their horrible implementation of Ultra Violet. To go further back here's my account of my initial setup with Universal. What needed to be done initially wasn't obvious, but in the end I was somewhat impressed. If they actually make an Ultra Violet app for my Blueray player I'll be a happy camper.

Next day follow-up:
I decided to try some user agent switching, something I don't usually do. It didn't look simple in Chrome so I tried Firefox. Telling it I was using IE caused the Sony page to render black. Telling it I was Firefox for Windows gave me a login prompt, but it once again gave me a string of numbers instead of proper "Fuck you hippie!" message.

BTW - I just ripped the DVD. That's right, don't make it work for me your way I'll make it work for me my way. I can rip the Blueray if I want, but really I don't need high-def for my intended purpose.

Tags: movies, scam, ultraviolet, usefull
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