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I unrooted my Nook the other day.
It worked great after rooting it, don't get me wrong. The battery drained a little too fast for reasons unknown even though I did strip everything I could get away with stripping out of it - still lasted a really long time. I also realized even though I could read my Kindle and Google books from their native readers only the Kindle books wouldn't work natively on the Nook - after I put the stupid Adobe book manager on my Windows virtual machine I really don't even like to start up to move the books over. I also let my dad use the Nook once to read a book I downloaded. It isn't hard to use hacked, but dad isn't exactly someone who understands digital technology well.

I think I'm just going to keep it around unhacked to supplement my Kindle. Between Calibre and everything else I don't have much of a need for an extra Kindle capable reader.

Oh, and between my Kindle, Sarah's Kindle which she has at her mothers house, and the third I'm about to make another post to cover I'm about to become a 2 1/2 Kindle household - considering Sarah being removed from the picture overall.


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