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I admit: I shamelessly rip off Fark.com on a regular basis by posting links found there, just like the radio DJ's, only I admit it. I however have one up on the DJ's. I am a TotalFarker, so I can rip off links that don't get greenlit, and you wont be able to tell that's where I ganked them from. I also shamelessly post links found on Slashdot and various other places. I have quite a bit of original content to, so, whatever.

"Indeed, I am now of the opinion that a compelling case for "stricter gun control" cannot be made, at least not on empirical grounds. I have nothing but respect for the various pro-gun control advocates with whom I have come in contact over the past years. They are, for the most part, sensitive, humane and intelligent people, and their ultimate aim, to reduce death and violence in our society, is one that every civilized person must share. I have, however, come to be convinced that they are barking up the wrong tree."
- James Wright, (Academic researcher who collaborated with Peter Rossi)

an A+ makes you a tech about as much as a paper crown at Burger King makes a kid royalty.

--pecosdave 06/08/2006

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[pecosdave] Yeah, Snakes on a Plane not a movie you can enjoy alone.
[pecosdave] You can admit to watching the movie with a group, but watching it alone shows signs of having issues.
[jpaganel] LOL
[pecosdave] It's like Rocky Horror. Watching it alone of the privacy of your own home makes you weird.
[pecosdave] Cross dressing and watching it with a crowd on the other hand is perfect acceptable.

he stripped out my credit!

Glad to see I made someones day.

Vista is XP with a new hat and a STD. -- found on Slashdot.

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